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St. Padre Pio, Humanae Vitae, and Mandatory Abortion 


St. Pio defended the controversial encyclical, praising its “lofty teachings” and “eternal truths.”

 An aspect of the document often overlooked today is its grim warning that governments might “impose” contraceptive methods on citizens.

In the light of the Humanae Vitae’s other accurate predictions,
are mandatory birth control and abortion on the horizon for America? 


by Frank M. Rega, S.F.O.


St. Padre Pio demonstrated the depth of his love and loyalty to the Church when he publicly praised and defended Pope Paul VI for his encyclical Humanae Vitae, “Of Human Life.” 1  Upon its release in the summer of 1968, a torrent of vilification and disobedience was unleashed upon the Pontiff from within the Church, as well as mockery and scorn from without.  Such open rebellion against Peter’s successor was unprecedented, and yet he had done nothing more than his solemn duty to uphold the infallible, magisterial teaching of Catholicism against unnatural methods of birth control.

The likes of Fr. Hans Kung, Fr. Charles Curran, et. al., and the Canadian Bishops’ Winnipeg Statement, brazenly stood in opposition to the teachings of their own religion.   Many did defend the document; but one great saint, a man whom God had raised up as a beacon to guide countless souls during a century of wars and materialism, was conspicuous in his support of the Pope and his encyclical.   Only two weeks before his own death in September of that year, St. Padre Pio wrote an inspired and moving letter to the Holy Father which was printed in the Vatican’s official newspaper L’Osservatore Romano. 2   It is an epistle of great significance, and will likely be part of the evidence put forth in his favor should St. Pio be declared a Doctor of the Church.  He is effusive in his praise of the Pope’s encyclical, referring to its “lofty teachings,” “eternal truths,” “clear and decisive words,” and its “inspired directives.”

In his letter, St. Pio recognizes that the source of the pope’s greatest suffering is the disobedience of so many within the Church to his magisterial teachings.  

I know that Your heart suffers much these days on account of the happenings in the Church: for peace in the world, for the great needs of its peoples; but above all, for the lack of obedience of some, even Catholics, to the lofty teachings which You, assisted by the Holy Spirit and in the name of God, have given us.

He understands that the Holy Father is carrying his personal cross in Christ’s footsteps, following the narrow way of the truth.  St. Pio offers his own sufferings and prayers so that the Pope can persevere in his mission.   

I offer Your Holiness my daily prayers and sufferings, the insignificant but sincere offering of the least of your sons, asking the Lord to comfort you with His grace to continue along the direct yet often burdensome wayin defense of those eternal truths which can never change with the times. 

He specifically mentions the encyclical and fully supports and obeys what he considers its inspired teaching:


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